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DGPrint Mosaidis

About Us

Apparel and Textiles Decoration Studio since 1991

DGPrint Mosaidis is an Apparel and Textiles Decoration Studio since 1991. From 2008 we have an extra focus on Digital Prints and have specialised in woman’s fashion. We welcome our clients to our showroom in Thessaloniki -Greece, however we are available to visit you in person or via video call upon request and collaborate with you to create a great collection.

As a Textile Digital Prints Studio, we have a team of in-house designers, who create innovative and commercial hand drawn and digital prints for women wear. Every print is unique and the collection is always in trend. Our designer’s team are well informed and can interpret current trends and translate them into excellent prints. They are always looking for novel ways of creating digital print and decoration, producing a collection that’s both commercial and unique.

Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, we work closely with clients from around the textile world, getting to the heart of their collections to develop successful digital print ideas and mood boards that engage and convert into excellent prints.



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